Throw Away Your Fancy

by Michael Tobin

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released November 16, 2012

Reputed for his charisma and charm, Michael Tobin is so much more than a singer/songwriter - he’s a pure performer and a modern-day tunesmith. His unique sound is a result of his brutal honesty, critical observation and a desire to explore new ideas. His mature songwriting compliments his dynamic tenor voice and his epic style of performance. He has been compared to Jeff Buckley, Freddie Mercury, Jacques Brel, and Nina Simone.

THROW AWAY YOUR FANCY is Michael's debut E.P. The five tunes are a sample of songs taken from an ever-growing pile written over the last few years. In an effort to simply survive in the city, Michael's original music had taken a back seat for sideman duties and jobbing gigs...but the bubbling turned to a boil. Recorded at 6 Nassau Studio, Michael's "live-off-the-floor" approach to recording is firmly based on the philosophy that every recording should be a genuine and unique performance, rather than a contrived attempt at perfection.



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Michael Tobin Toronto, Ontario

Michael Tobin - piano/voice
Dan Fortin - upright bass
Christopher Ryan - drums

engineered by Dave Mackinnon at 6 Nassau Studio.

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Track Name: Every Damn Day
Rope-room smokes / moonlit lawn-chairs / talk about your daddy and your ex’s / if I’m lucky I can a word get in edgewise.

Take my weeds / give me nothing / push for kink / I’ll do your head in / if I’m honest, I don’t think that you could ever be.

Lie about the blob to get me off your case / the bloody crusty truth is all over your face / throw away your fancy until it is replaced / deal with it ma - we’re trapped here.

I see your face every damn day.

Break my skin / baptize Todger / I’ll go down / chocolate flower / If I’m ready, dogs will have a porthole sunrise.

One on one / ripe and risky / friends and boardgames / ok cool-guy / all I wanted was a half an hour and some tea.

A black and bloody bow / the "ma” was conceived / Just a week ago we were thick as thieves / now I'm not around, you’re just thick...and a thief.

But I see your face every damn day.
Track Name: 637 Avenzoo
I got a monkey on my back
gnawing, clawing at my mind
I had my tongue bit by my cat
and I don't even have the time

I'm crying crocodile tears
I just beat up a dead horse
I'm like a bull in a china shop
and I want to escape, of course
Track Name: Joseph Christ Super Model
Je pense que Joseph aimerait l'élégance en France
Je pense que Joseph aimerait la romance en France
Je pense que Joseph aimerait la puissance de France
Je pense, Je pense, Je pense...

you left and went to France / that didn't please us
you met provincial folk / they thought you were Jesus
filled their bowls / patched their holes / blessed their souls

you left for gay Paris / shaved off all your facial hair
some big shots took some head shots / they made you a supermodel there
made some fans / made demands / missed your friends

come home soon Joey / your song must be sung
trapped on the table with one broken lung
eat out the plastic / breathe out your back
hear all the voices / Joey, don't crack
Track Name: New Day
someone is gonna get married / someone is scratching an itch
someone is toasting to a new day / someone is gonna get rich

someone caked on too much makeup / someone blackens a lung
someone (everyone) is scoping out carpet / someone is cutting a rug

someone's feet are freezing / someone exposes his socks
someone has his quarter-life crisis / someone watches the clock

someone asks for Free Bird / someone asks for the fish
someone finds great success in the coatroom / someone yaks in the woods

someone is gonna get married...
Track Name: Wooden Little Knick Knack
A wooden little knick knack
He didn't want to be that
People in the store wanted bigger, wanted more
Than just a wooden little knick knack

A wooden little knick knack
He didn't have to take that
They pushed him to the back
They beat him 'till he cracked
He's just a wooden little knick knack

In came Benny Mac
A kind old chef
Hoping to find some things to blend
Instead Benny found a friend

A wooden little knick knack
He filled a little back pack
And then he said "Goodbye!"
And for the first time saw the sky,
'Cause he's a wooden little knick knack

A wooden little knick knack
Never would he look back
At all the other stuff
Who would always treat him rought
Who would always give him guff
He'd taken quite enough
For he's a wooden little knick knack.